Bernie Sanders, I have to say, is no fake. Worse, he’s not a fluke. His candidacy should be examined for precisely what it is, the result of a life and career steeped in the principles of extreme left-wing progressive socialism. Bernie doesn’t masquerade.

Senator Sanders (D-VT) is a man on a mission without a hint of fraud. What you see is what you are going to get. That is his asset. That is his liability. If he wins the presidency his endpoint could ultimately prove to be the undoing of America as we know it.

Sanders’s only duplicity seems to be his warped and reckless Marxism. He’s preached the same message for decades.  He is to socialism what Reagan is to conservatism. If Ronald Reagan is the personification of limited government and free markets, Bernie is the gold standard for big, bloated, ever-expanding, over-spending, go-broke government. Reagan is north. Sanders is south.

The DNC and its inside handlers are in a state of delirious meltdown. Stopping Sanders might now be impossible. In fact, Bernie Sanders could end up being the greatest political setback in the history of the Democrat Party.

I’m unconvinced that endorsements from dropouts Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar will stop Bernie’s ascendancy and propel Joe Biden to the nomination. Sanders is a fully loaded freight train, moving down the tracks toward nomination at high speed. Throwing toothpicks in the path of the Sanders locomotive is futile.

While most will acknowledge the DNC panders to political correctness in every way imaginable, flirting with socialism and toying with imaginative schemes to change America, it’s now gazing into a frightening and grotesque reflection of the most successful socialist in American history, Bernie Sanders. It’s not Bernie’s visage that scares moderates, it’s the loss of party control, of power, of helmsmanship.

Super Tuesday is supposed to be the watershed for the nomination. It won’t be. Joe Biden will likely score wins in several key states where Democrats are still reminiscing about the old glory days of Kennedy, not realizing the party is no longer the party if you know what I mean. No one believes a Democrat is a Democrat, is a Democrat…not anymore.

The DNC is a party gone wild. It has spent the past 60 years kicking God and prayer out of the schools, pushing the fake right to terminate life in the womb, implementing government control over healthcare, and redefining the nation by flirting with political correctness and the rejection of American exceptionalism…to name but a few.

Literally, while I type these words, the Democratic party is being pushed the edge of redefinition. A cliff, if you please, where there exists little chance of turning back. The DNC has placated a radical left that infiltrated Congress in the 2018 election, bringing with it impeachment, a Green New Deal, and the notion that globalism should be the party’s new core value system.

Bernie Sanders is the result, not the cause of the DNC’s malaise. He is the symptom, but not the disease. There is little in the way of workable options for the Democrat party. They are about to turn over a new stone. It’s a historic moment that could finally, to the glee of extreme liberals, nominate a full-on socialist for President of the United States. The DNC is making history.

Sanders is not fake, nor is his campaign a fluke. His candidacy is the apex of a long string of beliefs, policies, and social manipulations that might change America’s future forever.

This is no masquerade.

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